About Me

About Me

Karen A. Renfrow, nee Cochran, or KARENFROW -- as she signs her work,* is an award-winning exhibiting artist specializing in oil painting in the style of Contemporary Realism.

Her curiosity, independent nature and drive have allowed her to master many genres in visual art.

She has studied art throughout her life and with many well-known artists. A “perennial student of art,” she keeps her mind open and ready to absorb the wisdom of others whom she admires. Those she has studied with include: Gregg Kruetz, Scott Waddell, Qiang Huang, Cletus Smith, Julie Miller, Dan Robinson, Sarah Sedwick and Leslie Lienau. Renfrow has studied art throughout her like and is self taught and experimental.

In 2014, Renfrow founded Harmony Arts Gallery & Studio of KARENFROW, Edmond, OK, (KARENFROW Arts, LLC) where she has her studio, teaches and displays her art. She also holds art-related activities, philanthropic and other events. Please visit Harmony Art's website: harmonyartsgallery.com.

When other events or shows are not taking place at Harmony Arts, Renfrow displays her work at the gallery. Viewings between events are by  appointment. only. EMAIL FOR APPOINTMENT ("CONTACT ME" PAGE)  The facility is not open to the public for regular business hours.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, her professional life has included journalism/public relations, writing, photography, illustration and teaching Journalism at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma. For more than 20 years, she owned the public relations firm of PRConcepts. Her award-winning writing, designs, photography and artwork have been published throughout the U.S. in various publications.

Renfrow was named ”One of Edmond’s 100 Influential Women in 100 Years” during Edmond’s Centennial Celebration in 2007. Her name was added to a marker in Downtown Edmond. 

*Renfrow signs her work "KARENFROW.'" This is her first initial of her first and middle name - plus her last name. It also is the perfect mash-up of her first and last name. 

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“My creations are how I tell a story. 

Art is my lens to help sharpen, 

An understanding of the world around.

Gathering what I see, feel and sense,

And developing a story line,

I communicate.

With burst of emotion, 

Color and shapes,

Brushed upon a canvas,

Sketched upon a surface,

My efforts dance into visual tales,

To bring harmony and peace,

To the viewer.”--KAR

On The Easel


“My vision is to bring alive the light and color of this world, and to create a sense of harmony and peace to those who experience my work.  

I believe that fine-tuned drawing skills are the very foundation for excellence work in the visual arts.

I continue to study, experiment and strengthen my art skills so I can make stronger statements in my work.

In sharing my knowledge and experience through teaching, I learn even more.

It is my heartfelt wish to promote more soul and less shock value in my art.”--KAR